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Nanomodified Polymer Powders & Composites

The world`s first industrial scale project based on the
proprietary GRAFT-POLYMER technology


Polymer modification is a key global problem for composite materials developments.

Given that, many polymers are immiscible and incompatible by nature, polymer modification.

Is a process of the materials structures changing which can solve this problem. As a result, it is possible to develop new composite materials with unique combination of physical and chemical features.

Unfortunately, for the time being market challenges exist, namely:


Until now, all market players use either old dirty chemical solution methods, gamma rays or dangerous halogen gases for polymer surface modification.


Until now many modern plasma polymer modification techniques are at lab or pilot scale only.


Until now many modification results are very unstable, reversible in time.

Graft Polymer technological concept


Hot ozonolysis
Solid Phase

Graft Polymer technological solution enables not only to overcome all above-mentioned drawbacks of existing technologies but also to propose the first in the world commercialized unique industrial process based on SYNERGISM of the proprietary innovative methods.

  • We use technological and environmentally safe hot ozone/reactive gases plasma mixtures and solid phase grafting process.
  • Our gas/plasma based technologies are easy scalable, well probed, effective and safe.
  • Our modification results are stable and permanent, volumetric (3D) and versatile and strict quality regulated.

Our advantages

Our advantages are obvious the technology "Graft-Polymer" uses economically effective and environmentally safe nanotechnological methods in industrial scale:

Hot ozonolysis
Gas-chemical Modification

Solid Phase Grafting SAM (self-assembled monolayer) and SIP - surface initiated polymerization.

Composite Hybridization.

Practical feasibility of the project

Practical feasibility of the Graft Polymer project provoke no doubts and is based on:


Very experienced project team (with excellent engineering and scientific background).


Solid Intellectual Property (estimated fair value 187 mln USD by Swiss Appraisal).


Safe, Logistically Developed and Predictable Project Location (EU, Slovenia).


Strong Business model with well-elaborated Financial and Marketing plans.


Credibility from Investments Funds (provided Seed Fundraising - 1.5 mln Euro).

Initial Token Offering

To make additional capitalization for the Project we decided to use ITO (Initial Token Offering) by emitting token GRAFT with the modern blockchain technology platform Bitshares.org.

Round «A»
5.000.000 token GRAFT
1.111 BTC
Q4 2017
FIRST stage of industrial production
Round «B»
10.000.000 token GRAFT
Approximately 4.444 BTC
Q2 2018
SECOND stage of industrial production
Round «C»
5.000.000 token GRAFT
Approximately 3.333 BTC
Q4 2018
THIRD stage of industrial production

Bitshares.org blockchain platform:

  • Provides its users with the opportunity to buy GRAFT (tokens), own and trade them anonymously, and acquire dividends dependent on the results of their work.
  • Secures the transparency of all processes related to ITO GRAFT.

Project team

The most important advantage of the proposed project is availability of a professional team, experienced in commercialization of similar productions plants and accumulated knowledge (know-how) about specific nuances and parameters of the technological processes.

Key Leaders of the Project

Victor Bolduev


Managing Director and CTO

Over 20 years of business experience. Founder of «Graft-Polymer» an engineering company which is engaged in the research and industrial commercialization of its own innovative technologies on polymer modification with the purpose of creating composite materials with unique combinations of features. Author of 5 patents in the field of polymer modification. Successfully commercialised several industrial projects and developed and introduced to the market many polymer products.

Sergey Mashukov



Over 18 years of experience in the industry sector, noted analysis and operations expert. Founder and Co-founder of «Siberian Bushing» - currently employs 200 workers. Sergey has designed and implemented polyurethanes products via his company. Vast experience in organic growth development, relying on internal resources.

Pavel Kobzev


Executive director and CMO

Pavel Kobzev has already been working in high tech for 5 years. He has been in the service of Israeli Military Forces as a commander in charge. Mr. Kobzev has over 10 years of experience in business management and market analysis, as well as in safety solutions and design industry. Additionally, he has over 5 years of experience in IT project management. Pavel has set up several highly successful projects.

Roby Zomer


Executive chairman

Mr. Zomer has over 10 years of experience in bioengineering and renewable energy. He has been playing a pivotal role in alternative energy sources regulation in Israel and is in charge of both African-European project of carbon discharge control and project of emission abatement. Mr. Zomer currently performs as a President and a CTO of Australian public company “MGC Pharmaceuticals” (ASX: MXC)

Brett Lawrence


Non-Executive director

Mr Brett Lawrence has over 12 years of diverse experience, primarily in the resources industry but also in the development of emerging businesses that are focused on innovative technologies. Mr Lawrence holds a Master of Petroleum Engineering, a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining) and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from Curtin University in Western Australia. Mr Lawrence is a Non-Executive Director of Tamaska Oil and Gas Ltd (ASX: TMK) and Acacia Coal Ltd (ASX: AJC).

Pavel Kobzev



Anthony is a Chartered Accountant (Australian qualified) with a number of years’ experience in financial management and corporate advisory services, primarily in the natural resources sector, along with extensive experience in the public company environment, having been a director and company secretary of a number of ASX and AIM junior mining and oil & gas focused companies. He has previously worked with Ernst & Young and CalEnergy Gas Ltd, a subsidiary of the Berkshire Hathaway Group of Companies in both Australia and the United Kingdom, and is current advising a number of public and private companies across a range of industries and jurisdictions.

Anatolii Chalykh


Doctor of Science (Chemistry), professor Project Science Advisor

Doctor of Chemistry of Science, Professor , more than 35 years experience in polymer science. Head of Laboratory of Structure & Morphology researches Institute of Physics-Chemistry and Electrochemistry RAS. Laureate of two State Rewards in Chemistry Science and author of many patents and publications in polymer science.

Alexandr Zelenetskii


Doctor of Science (Chemistry), professor Project Science Advisor

Doctor of Chemistry of Science, Professor, more than 40 years experience in polymer science. Head of Laboratory of Solid Phase Synthesis in Institute of Synthetic Polymer Materials RAS. Author of many patents for polymer modification and scientific publications in the field of solid phase chemical reactions and grafting.

Brett Mitchell


Advisor to the board

Mr Mitchell is a corporate finance executive with over 20 years of experience in the finance and resources industries. He has been involved in the founding, financing and management of both private and publicly-listed resource companies and holds executive and non-executive directorship roles. Mr Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Western Australia and is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

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